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The site www.vlahopol.com  is owned by Star Media Production S.R.L., headquartered in Bucharest, Aleea Cetatuia no. 6, sector 6, Bucharest – Romania, registered at the Romanian Chambers of Commerce under number R J40 / 3412 / 24.04.2002, having CUI / VAT no. RO14601361, with shared capital 200 RON.

The online store www.vlahopol.com complies with the laws in force regarding the European legislation and the G.D.P.R.

Use of this web-site implies acceptance of the contractual terms and conditions below.

We recommend reading these carefully. Star Media Production S.R.L. assumes the right to modify these provisions without prior notice.

1. Defining Elements

1.1 Buyer / Customer

Individual, company, authorized natural person, non-profit organizations or other legal entities that issue an Order.

1.2 Seller or Company

The trading company STAR MEDIA PRODUCTION is named in this contract Seller or Company.

1.3 Products and Services

The company offers for sale a series of products, services, consulting services or documentation mentioned in the Order as well as on the Fiscal Invoice, which are to be provided by the Seller to the Buyer.

1.4 Order

It is a contract that becomes an electronic document that intervenes as a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer.

1.5 Contract

The conclusion or closing of the contract takes place only at the moment of issuing the fiscal invoice and not at the launch of the order or the issuance of the automatic confirmation of receipt of this order.

Star Media Production does its best to ensure the accuracy of the information on the site, but sometimes human or programming errors can occur. If certain information (price, specifications) are presented incorrectly, we can not assume responsibility and reserve the right to cancel the customer's order and / or modify the defective data.

1.6 Copyright

a. The entire content of the www.vlahopol.com site images, graphic content, text content, symbols, web graphics, logos, programming and other data are the property of Star Media Production S.R.L. and its suppliers being protected by copyright law and intellectual and industrial property laws. Use without the written consent of Star Media Production S.R.L. of any of the elements listed above is punished according to the laws in force.

b. Copyright and copyright infringement. We respect the intellectual property of all other brands and those we come in contact with and we ask and encourage users and other brands to do the same.

c. If you are the owner of any copyrighted material and you believe that your work has been copied to this Site in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement and that your name or business or your copyright has not been mentioned, or intellectual property have been violated, please contact us. We will do our best to remedy anything as soon as we are aware of any situation.

d. Vlahopol Trademark.

The information on this site is protected by copyright. You may not use the information, text or graphics contained on this site; you may not sell, resell, reproduce, adapt or publish, in whole or in part, for any purpose without the written consent of Star Media Production. Vlahopol names and logos, as well as names for Vlahopol Custom Guitars models are registered trademarks of the Vlahopol brand, as part of Star Media Production S.R.L. The logos of Vlahopol brands, products may not be used, downloaded, copied or distributed in any way without the prior written consent of Star Media Production SRL.

e. The Vlahopol trademark is a trademark registered at the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) under number No.015969736

1.7 Specifications

a. All technical specifications and / or descriptions of the Products and Services are as specified in the Order and the descriptions are taken from the manufacturer.

b. The use, viewing and purchase of products on the Vlahopol.com site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions presented in this contract.

d. The general terms and conditions will apply to all sales of Products and Services by Star Media Production S.R.L., through the virtual store www.vlahopol.com to the Buyer.

e. Please read carefully the usage information of our online store because when placing a firm order they become a contract!

2. General Conditions

2.1 By using this site you declare that you agree to the terms and conditions offered by www.vlahopol.com through Star Media Production S.R.L.

2.2 Star Media Production S.R.L reserves the right to modify the content of this site without prior notice.

2.3 Star Media Production S.R.L cannot be held responsible for any mistake in the content, technical specifications, prices, general information, pictures or product names of this site.

2.4 Star Media Production S.R.L offers all users of the site access to the range of products, prices, technical specifications, images, presentation videos, etc. but prohibits the modification, copying, partial or complete reproduction of the site as well as the exploitation of the site for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of Star Media Production S.R.L.

2.5 Users of this site are required to comply with the following conditions:

2.5.1 They will not upload, post or transmit on this site information that contravenes the laws, that has a discriminatory, racist, threatening, obscene, offensive, slanderous content or that can be challenged or programs and / or codes harmful to the good functionality of the site. Star Media Production S.R.L. is not responsible for any moral or material damage caused by them.

2.5.2 They will not infringe individual property rights, privacy rights, advertising rights or any other property rights of others. Data that does not belong to the authors will not be admitted.

2.5.3 They will not load viruses, scripts or other such programs.

2.5.4 They will not provide false information on their identity at the time of registration of the order, which may lead to its cancellation or the impossibility of complying with the contract without having a correct delivery address.

2.5.5 Any registered user of the site can express his opinion on the products / prices by leaving a comment on the site, can send questions, can ask for clarifications or send suggestions on some products and / or services. Star Media Production S.R.L. reserves the right not to publish, to delete or withdraw from the site the comments that have the context from art. 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 respectively and is not responsible for any moral or material damages caused by them.

3. Products and services

3.1. The products offered or presented on the site are in the same form or very similar as the one presented on the manufacturer's page and are within the available stock. Due to the large number of existing and growing number of products on the site www.vlahopol.com we cannot guarantee the availability of the stock of each product and we are not responsible if a possible product has been taken out of production. The products are offered in original form and with the packaging and accessories offered by the manufacturer.

3.2. Star Media Production S.R.L is not responsible for ordering equipment incompatible with other equipment that the Buyer owns.

3.3. Also, the Seller does not assume responsibility in case of totally inappropriate use / handling or otherwise than the use established by the manufacturer of some / some equipment purchased from Star Media Production S.R.L.

3.4. Star Media Production S.R.L does not guarantee the compatibility of the equipment with the Buyer's projects or requirements nor the quality of certain products. For your safety, please contact our specialists for a personalized offer for your requirements.

3.5. We will always avoid providing incorrect images, information and specifications, but the images and technical specifications published on the site are informative, and sometimes the delivered products may differ from the images presented in any way (color, color shades or nuances, accessories, appearance, etc.).

3.6. Star Media Production S.R.L does not guarantee the stock availability of the displayed products, reason for which the Seller has the right to partially or fully deliver a certain order, if they no longer appear in the current offer of the supplier or manufacturer, or are not currently available. If payment is made in advance, the Buyer will be notified of the date on which the missing product returns to stock and can be delivered or can return the value paid for the order, but no compensation will take place.

3.7. In the case of CUSTOM instruments manufactured according to the Customer's specifications, they cannot be returned because they are manufactured with parts ordered or made to the Customer's express order and wish and paid in advance. The client agrees with the parts purchased before the purchase and after prior counseling and negotiation sessions based on an offer made in writing and signed by both parties. Once paid and ordered, they cannot be exchanged, cannot be returned, and in this case the amounts cannot be refunded.

4. Terms and conditions for custom-manufactured and customized instruments or customization of the Customer's own instruments that are not manufactured by Star Media Production SRL.

4.1 Vlahopol Custom Guitars offers a wide range for the MASTERBUILT or CUSTOM series, for both guitars and basses.

4.2 If you want to order a custom guitar, please contact us and we will be happy to help and discuss your needs, but if you hurry you can also choose one of our special guitars from the MASTERBUILT series.

4.3 Product Availability - The website refers to products and / or services that are generally available for purchase globally, although Vlahopol Custom Guitars cannot guarantee the availability of a product at any given time, especially in certain areas of the globe.

4.4 Referral to any products or services on this site or on www.vlahopolguitars.com does not warrant or imply that such products or services will be available at any time in your city / area.

4.5 Vlahopol Custom Guitars cannot guarantee specific delivery dates when the products offered on the site are not available as sometimes certain components have a much longer delivery period than usual, especially for CUSTOM custom instruments.

4.6 We will do our best to maintain communication with our customers about their purchases, as we have a full one (1 year) warranty for our workmanship, but most of all we want them to be happy! We want to have happy and satisfied customers who see and feel that they have obtained a valuable tool.

4.7 Product / color display - We try to display the product images as accurately as possible. However, Vlahopol.com cannot guarantee that the image or color you see displayed on the monitor represents 100% of the actual product or conforms to the specifications of the product you have selected due to different computer monitor settings. If you have any questions about the appearance / specifications of the product please contact us before placing the order. The website does not contain images with each article offered, as some of them are customized or have not yet been built and / or modified. However, we are happy to help you in the best possible way.

4.8 Since we manufacture custom instruments, this will be done only after consultations with the customer and only after he is completely satisfied with the choices he made.

4.9 All parts will be ordered at the strict specification of the buyer for which no return is possible – See Return Policy

4.10 Before any order for a custom guitar, the client has between 10 and 14 days to communicate and establish together what he wants and what the future instrument must have before ordering for components.

4.11 Once ordered, they cannot be returned, there will be no refund.

4.12 As a CUSTOM instrument requires that ALL parts be made to the Customer's specifications, we will collect money in advance and will NOT refund any amount of money for the custom instrument and / or instruments.

4.13 Depending on the complexity of the instrument or the quality, respectively the price of materials and raw materials in certain cases we will request an advance of 100% of the final negotiated price for the manufacture of the instrument.

4.14 Usually a custom-made guitar contains:

- Specific wood for the body

- Special paint, oils, primers or lacquers

- Guitar neck

- Tuning systems

- Fixed tremolo or bridge system

- Keys

- Pickups and other custom accessories


-      all these being finished parts or raw materials specially ordered for the customer and therefore they cannot be returned

5. Product warranty

5.1. The warranty is granted according to the Romanian legislation in force for each piece of equipment (except for the equipment from art. 4, paragraph 4.7). The commercial warranty offered by the Seller is for a period of 24 months for individuals and 12 months for legal entities. All equipment complies with CE certifications. Delivered products require careful handling to avoid shocks, falls or other defects due to improper handling. They will be installed in places protected from vibration, moisture, excess dust and will be protected from the penetration of various liquids inside the protective housing or from prolonged exposure to solar radiation.

5.2. Powering the equipment will be made from the alternating current network using for this only sockets with shucko or CEE type grounding and the supply of the components will be made from a source corresponding to the installation conditions.

5.3 Star Media Production S.R.L guarantees to the buyer the free repair of the product, in case of its defect, in normal conditions of use, during the warranty period. The repairs will be performed at the Seller's headquarters or at a service nominated by the supplier / manufacturer, the shipments being covered by the Buyer.

5.4 The warranty is granted only to products accompanied by the original warranty certificate and a description of the defect. The fiscal invoice must also be attached in copy, it is not necessary in original. In the case of a warranty, the packaging of the products is not obligatory, but the Buyer assumes any damage that may occur as a result of transport and improper packaging for transport.

5.5 Causes of loss of warranty:

- Unauthorized interventions, including repairs performed by persons or companies not authorized by the manufacturer / seller, performed on the products or on any of their components;

- Failure by the buyer to comply with the conditions of handling, transport, installation, normal use and maintenance provided in the product documentation;

- Thermal, mechanical and plastic damage to the products, chippings due to mechanical shocks, exposure to heat sources, accidents, vibrations, weather or negligence in use;

- Use of batteries, inadequate power supplies or other accessories other than those approved by the manufacturer / seller;

- If the products show traces of contact with liquid of any kind (water, solvents, oils, paints, soda, acids, etc.);

- Unauthorized interventions on the program (software) provided with the products;

- Installation of programs (software), other than those delivered with the products;


5.6 The ascertainment of the defects is made within a term agreed between the Seller and the Buyer, starting with the date of the Seller's possession of the defective product, and the repair is made within a maximum of 30 days from the receipt. In case of lack of spare parts at the manufacturer / supplier, the replacement is made within a maximum of 45 working days from the receipt of the parts by the Seller. In case of complete lack of a repair solution (lack of parts or components), the Seller will offer the Buyer a variant of replacing the product with an identical or similar one (in case of a similar product, it cannot be of less than defective equipment, and in case of a higher price than this, the Buyer will pay the difference between the equipment). In this case, the total warranty of the equipment / component is automatically extended with the time necessary to remove the defect, if it has been repaired.

5.7 Not covered by the warranty: coil and mobile speaker system, any type of light bulb, smoke liquid, cell filters, batteries and accumulators, drum heads, drumsticks, dinners, strings or guitar strings, generally any type of consumables such as stands, covers, bags or cases. Loss of the warranty certificate results in the warranty being removed from the product.

5.8 In the case of Custom instruments manufactured to order according to the Customer's specifications, they cannot be returned because they are manufactured with parts ordered or made to the Customer's express wish and order, assembled and paid in advance. The Client agrees with the parts purchased before their purchase and after prior counseling and negotiation sessions based on an offer made in writing and signed by both parties. Once paid and ordered, they cannot be exchanged, cannot be returned and the amounts cannot be refunded in this case, they benefit from the standard guarantee.

5.9 In case of unjustified request for the granting of the guarantee (due to a non-existent defect), the customer may be obliged to pay the investigation value of the product set at the amount of 250 euro + VAT + transport costs.

5.10 In the event that the buyer resells the equipment, the new buyer will not benefit from the provisions of this warranty certificate unless the conditions under which Star Media Production S.R.L is notified of resale within max.7 calendar days from the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract between the Buyer and third parties.

5.11 The delivered equipment must be installed by qualified persons, in accordance with the regulations in force and with the prescriptions in the instructions for use. The devices must also be used correctly for the purposes for which they were designed.

What are the steps to follow if a product fails during the warranty period?

1. Send us an e-mail to our contact page or at “shop” @ vlahopol .com in which you present in as much details as possible the defect encountered (if possible, you can also attach pictures / videos with the product).

2. Mention in the e-mail the details of the order (name and surname, invoice number, online order number, date of purchase).

Later you will be contacted by a representative of Vlahopol.com who will present the next steps to do.

3. The original warranty certificate is required to validate the warranty.

4. If due to the large number of emails received or due to the fact that the email sent could enter the SPAM folder, if you notice that too much time passes without replying to the email sent, please call us at +4 0731-31.7827 to inform us about the existence of the email sent, the date and the content in order to be able to identify the email and solve the problem.

5. Warranty requests made by telephone and / or verbally are not be taken into account.

6. Return policy

6.1. Products purchased on the website www.vlahopol.com can be returned according to the O.U.G. 34/2014., which stipulates:

- According to the legal provisions related to distance contracts, the legal term of unilateral termination is 14 days from the date of receipt of the product and service, but the Merchant is fully responsible and can set the terms and conditions on the site and specific conditions.

6.3. In the case of products purchased through consumer credit, in system installments, the money is reimbursed to the bank, which leads to the cancellation of the installments.

6.4. Products that are subject to physical changes, bumps, scratches as described in chapter 5.5 Causes of loss of warranty are not accepted for return.

More details about the return policy can be found at this link – See Return Policies

7. Obligations of users

7.1 Users of the online store www.vlahopol.com may express their opinions on the content of the site or on the products and brands it offers in the Comments section of each product found on the site, which can be displayed on the site, after prior approval.

7.2 Star Media Production S.R.L reserves the right not to publish on the site comments that have an illegal content, racist, obscene or threatening, defamatory, that violates the intellectual / life rights of others, promotional messages, spam, etc.

7.3 Star Media Production S.R.L will not be responsible or liable for the payment of any type of compensation for any type of damage caused by such comments or communications.

7.4 The user assumes all rights over the content to be published on the site www.vlahopol.com so that by using this content does not cause harm to any third party. Also, Star Media Production does not assume responsibility for possible damages caused by the use of the content of these opinions and written opinions of the users of the site, as they are under the same limitation of liability as the content of the site.

8. Price policy

8.1 The prices displayed on this site represent the final purchase price which includes 19% VAT and import taxes, excise duties, national or international transport taxes and profit up to Star Media Production S.R.L.

8.2 The prices are fixed in EURO, but are displayed in RON, according to the EUR / RON reference exchange rate of the Romanian National Bank.

8.3 If the prices or other details of the products have been displayed incorrectly, whether it is a price increase by the manufacturers / suppliers or a database error or a human error, we reserve the right to modify prices or cancel orders containing these products with prices or other erroneous descriptions. In this case Star Media Production S.R.L will notify the customers as soon as possible about the error.

8.4 For certain products and product categories there may be discounts or REDUCED equipment packages. These details can be viewed in the Special Offers category, within the online store.

8.5. Payment for products ordered under this Customer Agreement may be made in advance or upon delivery of the products.

8.6. STAR MEDIA PRODUCTION reserves the right in certain cases to request payment of the products in part or in full. The only products that can benefit from partial payment are the Custom instruments manufactured to order.

8.7. Prepayment can be made by bank, debit or credit card, PayPal, post or payment order, proof of payment must be sent to STAR MEDIA PRODUCTION or by email at shop (@) vlahopol (.) Com. Delivery will be made only after the amount paid is in the STAR MEDIA PRODUCTION accounts.

8.8. Prepayment is also considered payment using the online credit card. In this case, STAR MEDIA PRODUCTION will ask the electronic payment processor to confirm the security and validity of the transaction and will also perform additional checks, as appropriate, before delivery of the product. The ordered products must be paid in full; otherwise the delivery will not be made.

8.9. Partial or full payments are especially needed for custom built instruments where we buy special accessories, special wood, special paint and other custom items that a customer will want and prefer.

8.10. We will not reimburse such purchases because STAR MEDIA PRODUCTION cannot use those products because they are required to be customized.

8.11. In the case of a custom manufactured instrument to order and according to clear technical specifications, we will buy all the customized accessories only after we have received the negotiated amount from the Client, these conditions not being negotiable.

8.12. Avoiding miscalculation of time

a. Customized paint work, construction, modifications, or finishes can be time consuming and tedious, and often unforeseen problems can occur during the process of reconditioning or building / rebuilding the guitar.

b. In some cases, which are rare, delays may occur due to third parties which affect the manufacturing or reconditioning project in terms of the initially estimated working time.

c. We do our best to complete such projects within the quoted time period even if the guitar is often completed before the set time, thus cannot be guaranteed.

d. Weather can also be a huge factor during manufacturing because we do not paint if the humidity is too high, if it rains, or we also do not paint under freezing temperatures, the complexity of the painting work being a high risk. (Please note that we paint and sometimes make custom handmade artwork on guitars, which are made of wood, we do not paint cars).

e. There will be no refunds for paint projects or custom builds or if the return time initially quoted has passed, especially if you have already purchased the materials, paint, wood, etc. and started the project, you will not receive a refund.

f. Please consider this before sending your guitar for paint work or placing an order for a custom project.

g. Sending your guitar to us for customization or ordering a custom-made guitar, body, neck, etc. from us means that you accept these terms and conditions.

9. Methods of payment

9.1 The invoice issued may be paid in cash at the headquarters of Star Media Production S.R.L (for legal entities up to RON 5,000, VAT included, according to the legislation in force) by Payment Order in the accounts of Star Media Production S.R.L, cash on delivery, online by bank card or via PayPal.


9.2 Payment will be made depending on the availability of the ordered product as follows: full payment in advance or with an advance agreed with the operator Star Media Production or by cash on delivery, when the package arrives at your address.

Star Media Production S.R.L reserves the right to choose the payment method.

9.3 In case of a prior agreement between the Seller and the Buyer on the payment of an advance for an equipment that can be found in the Star Media Production offer, the Seller owns the full and exclusive property right over the good until it actually collects the requested price from the Buyer. From the moment of full and final payment to the Seller of the requested price, the Buyer will have the full and exclusive property right over the product.

9.4 Regardless of how the order is sent, whether it is on the site, by e-mail or by phone, the acceptance of this order, so the conclusion of the agreement and the sale-purchase contract is made when the customer receives the tax invoice for the ordered product or products. The fiscal invoice issued replaces the sale-purchase contract. The launch of the order, the automatic e-mail that is sent after receiving the order and the telephone discussions, by e-mail and by any other methods, with the staff of Star Media Production SRL, do not constitute firm acceptance of the order and therefore do not mean concluding the distance contract.

10. How do I buy?

On the website www.vlahopol.com you can order products as follows:

10.1 After registering on the site, you can order online using the shopping cart and order confirmation steps.

10.2 Order by e-mail to the address displayed on the site or in the contact page.

10.3 Order by phone, calling one of the numbers displayed on the site, in the contact section.


11. Login

11.1 Any user of the site www.vlahopol.com has the possibility to create an account with the help of his name, valid delivery address, e-mail, as the case may be, data and a password.

11.2 In order to create an account within the site www.vlahopol.com it is necessary to follow the steps for creating the account and it is necessary to fill in the required fields with the real identification data. Each user can enter their name and choose a password, which is responsible for keeping it safe, because any activity carried out on the name already registered can be harmful to the account holder if it is used for non-monetary purposes and he can be responsible for any actions performed on the site.

11.3 Site users who use an account will have records of every order placed since the beginning of account creation and will be able to benefit from loyalty discounts or personalized promotions.

12. Electronic communication

12.1 By accessing the site www.vlahopol.com, using, visiting, purchasing products or sending e-mails to Star Media Production S.R.L, the communication is made electronically, thus considering that the user consents to receive notifications electronically, including communications by e-mail or through announcements on the site.

12.2 Persons who use a false e-mail address or send electronic messages or any other communications on behalf of another natural or legal person or on behalf of any other entity will be sanctioned in accordance with the laws in force.

12.3 In accordance with Law no. 365/2002 on electronic commerce and Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, the messages sent by Star Media Production S.R.L, as a newsletter, cannot be considered SPAM because:

(1) It contains the necessary identification data of the sender and unsubscribe instructions;

(2) The acceptance to receive the messages / offers does not financially imply the recipient;

(3) Aim to inform subscribers about products or services that can bring them benefits;

(4) the e-mail address of the recipients was either obtained directly as a result of subscribing to the newsletter, of previous correspondence or because the recipients are customers / suppliers of our company; or was selected from a database to which the recipients subscribed; or was made public by the recipients through advertisements in a business guide or at a business meeting.

13. Processing of personal data

For more information regarding our personal data protection and processing policy, visit the page: See - Privacy Policy

Starting with May 25, 2018, Regulation 2016/679 / EU on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data enter into force. Through this Regulation it is desired to create a unitary and uniform legislative framework on the territory of the European Union.

We assure you that the personal data you provide will be used for the stated purposes and in full agreement with the legal regulations in these cases.

The security of personal data is a priority for us and does not compromise on these things. Therefore, we want you to be informed about the amendments introduced by Regulation 2016/679 / EU.

The details and news of the new Regulation can be accessed by clicking HERE.


14. Transport / delivery and lifting of ordered products

14.1. Shipping fees are not included in the price displayed on the product page. Depending on the delivery location and the weight of the package, they may differ.

14.2. The transport is FREE for orders larger than the equivalent of 400 euros but not in the case of instruments that sometimes have an expensive transport insurance, the latter being the Client's choice.

14.3. The products can be delivered with the help of express courier companies, anywhere, the transport costs will be fully borne by the user.

14.4. Products can also be picked up from the Star Media Production S.R.L office

14.5. For the products ordered from outside the Romanian territory, the user will bear the full costs of international transport from the Star Media Production headquarters to the delivery address indicated in the order.

14.6. The ordered products have the following delivery terms:

Product available:

- The product may be available in the stock of the Star Media Production store or the Supplier.

- National Deliveries - when the product is in stock Star Media Production, it can be sent by courier to the buyer's address within 24 - 48 working hours from the order.

- For the national locations where there is no courier office (extra network) the delivery term can be extended by another 72 hours.

- When the product is in the Supplier's stock, it can generally be delivered within 1-10 working days, depending on the country of origin if the country of origin is in the European Union, transport conditions, etc. The delivery time can be extended with an indefinite term depending on the commercial opportunity of the order.

- For orders of some goods or equipment that are in the supplier's stock but which are not in the European Union, a delivery term will be agreed or, as the case may be, the order will be rescheduled or canceled in accordance with the Customer's wish.

Product unavailable:

- Unavailable products can be pre-ordered and scheduled for transport when there is a confirmation from the Supplier on their availability and can be sent by courier to the buyer within a period agreed with him, after placing the order and full payment.

- Products that are not in the Supplier's stock may have an indefinite delivery time. The delivery term differs from each manufacturer or supplier separately (country of origin, transport conditions, stocks, stock schedules, etc.).

- Star Media Production S.R.L is not responsible for delaying shipments of orders by courier or any other third parties for reasons beyond Star Media Production SRL including: fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, government actions, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, riots, civil unrest, accidents, delays of couriers transporting the product / products from the Manufacturer / Supplier to Star Media Production, from the company's headquarters to the buyer, or other force majeure impediments according to the legislation in force.

15. External links

15.1. The website www.vlahopol.com is hosted on the servers of an external company. The company Star Media Production S.R.L cannot be held responsible for any errors / errors infiltrated on the site, regardless of the reason for their appearance (changes in the structure of the site, settings of the browser or operating system or updates).

15.2. Star Media Production S.R.L is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of the partner sites, which can be accessed through direct links to them, from the site www.vlahopol.com. The responsibility for these belongs entirely to the owners of the respective links / websites.

16 Return Policy

16.1. The return of the purchased products by concluding a distance contract will be made according to the Government Ordinance no. 34 of June 12, 2014 and which can be read Return Policy – See – Return Policy HERE.

17. Final provisions

17.1. Any other problem caused by the products and services presented on the store's website www.vlahopol.com or by the information presented on this site and which are not already addressed by any article in this document, will be resolved amicably within 30 days working from the date of written notification of the problems raised by the user.

17.2. In case the conflict was not settled amicably, the competence belongs to the courts within the municipality of Bucharest-Romania.

17.3. The Client fully assumes these risks once he expresses his agreement with this Contract.

17.4. If you are dissatisfied with a product or service purchased online and we tried to amicably solve it but you are not satisfied, you can use this site to reach a solution without resorting to other courts: www.webgate.ec.europa.eu.

17.5. For any conflict between Star Media Production SRL and its customers, an amicable solution will be sought.

17.6. If you encounter problems with an order placed on the vlahopol.com website, please contact the head of the Online Orders department at “shop” @ vlahopol .com and you will receive an answer to your request as soon as possible but not later than 30 calendar days.


Thank you for shopping with us,