About Us

Hello there,

My name is Vlahopol, Mike Vlahopol … They call me Sharky and I am a musician. If you’re looking at my pictures you will know I am playing guitar because it is written all over my face and in my D.N.A. 

I have decided to open this shop in order to help guitar players and musicians around the world to get better guitars and accessories but I have realized that a musician doesn’t need just good guitars or good pedals… A good musician also needs all kinds of accessories like cables, strings, picks, straps, pedals, amps, and the list goes on to more detailed things … When you get up on stage you need to be dressed nice… I said dressed nice and therefore I will implement a Fashion department in my web-shop. I will start small and develop it until... whenever…

It’s all about…

Music & Fashion

So, I decided to make a shop not just for YOUR instruments but for YOU as well…

Therefore, this online shop it was made especially

For You & For Your Instrument!

Why?!...     Because I want to, because I care and because I can.

I have few quotes I really love in life but the one that perfectly fir this new project is:

Play Hard & Live Harder!

In this shop you can find Custom Guitars and Basses, Custom pickups, Custom preamps… I love custom things so much that I even started to make my own Custom Perfumes… and Artisan Custom Beverages…

You heard that right!
Vlahopol Custom Guitars, Vlahopol Fashion, Vlahopol Perfumes & Vlahopol Beverages

I don’t have too many products yet but I got great quality stuff I would gladly choose for myself.

Thank you for stopping buy and do your sopping with me.

And if you happen to be in the area of Bucharest, please stop by any of my concerts and say hello!

Mike Vlahopol